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The Limoway Srl is a company of car rental with driver car with luxury sedan and minivan rental / minibus with driver,
formed by the merger of several companies of decades of experience in Tuscany and Italian, thanks to a strong partnership with other companies all over the Italian territory. We are dedicated to the individual customer who wants a punctual, efficient and elegance, which the company must arrange travel in case of congresses and conferences and public or private events.

Tours from your hotel or from the port

We also provide tours in tuscany territory, you can choose your itinerary or ask for any suggestion according on your personal tastes.

Stops en route, the smartest way to your next hotel accomodation. Travelers to Italy can be smart about when to utilize a driver. Do it on a day when you’re changing hotel locations, so you have the convenience of a driver when you have luggage, and so you can make sightseeing stops between those locations.  Stopping in Orvieto or Siena, or in the hill towns of Chianti, en route from Rome to Florence adds color and contrast to an itinerary focused on the bigger cities.

Some examples of excursions for the whole day

Chianti tour

He could not miss a tour devoted entirely to the discovery of the most famous Italian wine in the Chianti mondo.Il. Just to name to evoke sweet and harmonious hills, vineyards and olive trees, small medieval villages remained miraculously intact for centuries. We are talking about one of the most famous regions of the world, we will guide you in the prestigious area of ​​production of Chianti Classico DOCG, loved by the most careful tourists to the beauty and the pleasures of taste. In this territory on the border between Florence and Siena, the pace is slow and pleasant. Every traveler can find his ideal route through castles, towers and ancient churches, unforgettable landscapes and small, delicious trattorias where to taste the dishes and wines born from a centuries-old tradition. In Chianti everything is at hand: the art, the history, taste, nature. A Mecca for quality tourism, Chianti is the ideal place for those looking for a trip, first of all, the beauty .. Between laughing vineyards and breathtaking views, the Via del Chianti, many houses and farms offer the public a taste of good wine and other typical local products. A special atmosphere in a rural environment with the smells and the tastes of the past. Here you can test the best "Black Rooster" and other specialties, buy them on site or have them send around the beautiful and postcard views mondo.Paesaggi will be the corollary to this experience all to enjoy!

Tour of the Val d'Orcia

Dominated by an imposing castle, still it preserves the walls, gates and towers of the XVI century, reminiscent of the era when it was the main ally of the Republic of Siena. But Montalcino is famous especially for red wines, especially the Brunello di Montalcino, famous around the world. A 9 km. from the village stands the magnificent Abbey of Sant'Antimo, one of the main Cistercian abbeys of Italy.

San Quirico d'Orcia Immersed in the beautiful Val d'Orcia, San Quirico d'Orcia is a walled city that is worth a visit. To see certainly the Collegiate Church of Saints Quirico and Juliet by the beautiful Gothic-Romanesque portals, the churches of Santa Maria di Vitaleta and Mercy, the Praetorian Palace and the Palazzo Chigi. Conclude the path the Leonini, splendid example of Italian gardens created in 1540 by Diomede Leoni.

Pienza Pearl of the Italian Renaissance, Pienza is the most important city in the Val D'Orcia from the artistic point of view. Transformed in 1462 in the papal residence of Pope Enea Silvio Piccolomini (Pius II), Pienza is a perfect example of realization of architectural and philosophical theories of the Renaissance, aimed at creating the "ideal city." Since 1996 UNESCO World Heritage by UNESCO. Among the major monuments, the Cathedral and the palaces of the '400 (Palazzo Piccolomini from the beautiful portico, Palazzo Borgia and Palazzo Comunale) overlooking the beautiful Piazza Pio II, the most important of the country. Pienza is also famous for having been the from "Romeo and Juliet" to "for famous movie set, The English Patient". Do not miss the walk along the walls that dominate the Val d'Orcia and a taste of the famous local pecorino and "pici", the traditional Sienese homemade pasta.

Monticchiello Small well-preserved medieval center. Compared to nearby Pienza, a masterpiece of the Renaissance, Monticchiello has kept its thirteenth identity, clearly visible along the ancient, narrow streets of the village and admiring the city walls, the old tower of the castle, the Romanesque-Gothic church dedicated to the saints Leonardo and Christopher. Perched on a hill, overlooking the gentle landscape of the Val d'Orcia. Monticchiello is famous in Italy for the "poor theater", which since 1967 is staged in the town involving the whole country in the realization of shows related to the life of the village: the people play themselves and their daily reality. Around this event that takes place once a year are activated a number of other initiatives (shows, exhibitions), especially in the summer.

Montepulciano, the most important center of Val di Chiana West, a charming historic center, rallied around the beautiful Piazza Grande, a medieval layout. Among the most important buildings, the Town Hall, the Church of Sant'Agostino and the Temple of San Biagio, by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, whose Renaissance dome inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Montepulciano is also famous for its wines, especially the "Nobile" of Montepulciano, known since the eighth century A.D. and defined in 1549 "perfect wine" by the bottler of Pope Paul III Farnese.


Arezzo Assisi and Cortona

Assisi does not need to be advertised is a charming village is an important destination for religious tourism, the Basilica of San Francesco stands out over the rest of the country, which remains however always extraordinarily beautiful, even more so now that the restoration work, after the terrible earthquake of 1997 which seriously damaged many of the buildings are completed. Built on two levels the basilica is home to the lower level of the relics of the saint. Santa Chiara is the second church in order of importance. Santa Maria degli Angeli is just before the town of Assisi where the imposing cathedral is a smaller church called just Portiuncula. Cortona is another village located on the edge of the Val di Chiana from which you can dominate the homonymous valley and a glimpse of Lake Trasimeno.